You know you have been studying abroad in UK when….

1. One out of 4 words you hear in the streets is "fuck" or "fucking"
2. You have tried the symbol of British food, a breaded piece of fish with fries and they call it "fish & chips".
3. You see semi-naked girls in the streets and boys wearing t-shirts with temperatures below zero.
4. You are shocked to see that the Uni is closed, city is collapsed and people stranded if streets are covered with more that 5 cm of snow.
5. You have travelled to London just for 1 pound with
a fun fare, and you love it.
6. You wake up every morning knowing that it’s quite unlikely that you’re going to see the sun.
7. You drink pints every day and you love them
8. You see people having a pee while they get money
from a cash machine. (周六晚上,随处可见随地小便的人…=.=)
9. You realize that dinner time is 6pm
10. You see people drunk in the streets at 8pm.
11. You see old people getting pissed in Potters Wheel (Wetherspoon)
12. You are kicked out of a pub at 11.30 pm (平时的确差不多这个时间出门~)
13. You have learned the difference between pasty and pastry and you’ve tried a Cornish Pasty.
14. You see people wearing flipflops and shorts even though it’s raining.
15. You’ve said "cheers mate" more than twice
16. You’ve tried to buy a traditional coffee maker and you’ve failed.
17. You realize the most important religion is not Christianity but Rugby. (Rugby is huge~!!!)
18. You wonder how people wash their intimate parts without a "bidé"
19. You wonder why the concept of "proper curtains" hasn’t arrived to this country yet.
20. You hear and say "sorry" at least 10 times a day. (很有礼貌~喜欢~!)
21. You’ve seen naked women on the second (and first, and third…) page of the daily newspapers. ( 英国小报 The Sun!!!! 以第三页全裸女出名)
22. After a failed conversation with someone in the street you wonder whether he/she was speaking in Scottish, Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish, Irish or English. (哈哈….小小的一个国家,居然这么多种口音)
23. You see Tesco as an important social meeting point.
24. You have struggled trying to convert from Farenhait to Celcius, from Miles to Kilometers and from Pounds to Euros, but you know a pint is 0.56 litres.
25. You have been driving on the wrong side of the road
26. You have seen old people smiling at you in the street (常感到很温暖~)
27. You have been asked for "some spare change" by an unknown person.(市民对乞丐很好呢,常常看到坐下跟乞丐聊天的路人)
28. You see 3 kebab shops and 2 indian restaurants in every street. (讨厌吃Kebab…)
29. You’ve had a Full English Breakfast with bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, etc and you think it’s amazing (it’s awesome!!!)
30. You’ve had a burger, chips and beans on the same plate.
31. You’ve thought more than ten times that the car you have just seen was driven by nobody
32. You have tried to destroy the fire alarm at least a couple of times. (以前的flat,一炒菜就火警响,气S我了!)
33. You have wondered about the wildlife present in your carpet.
34. You see a group of people wearing fancy dresses every time you go out at night. (大爱fancy dress~他们也太有创意了吧)
35. You have been in a pub next to a really drunk lady, that you think could even be your grandma. (见过一个年轻人和喝醉了的60岁+女人跳舞,kiss… 恶心死我了)
36. You think you’re going to visit a palace, a castle or a chapel and you only see a few old stones. (高地太典型了!!!!!!!!都是些破石头啊… 但仍然很美)
37. You realize that taking a cab is almost free (according to a certain person from Norway).
38. You’re outside and don’t even notice it’s raining anymore, because it is just simply normal to you by now.
39. You realise that any kind of food can be eaten with anything else, no matter how wierd the combination is.
40. You have six months of holidays in a year.
41. In case you need to get your hands clean, you realise that you only have two options: boil your hands in water near to 90º or see how they become two beauty ice-cubes. (家里的还好~餐厅的热水烫死了,冷水冰死人)
42. You have a sink in your bedroom. (很方便亚~~)
43. You can’t buy shoes in any shop because they all smell like feet!!
44. You find machines in pubs in which you can buy condoms, vibrators, lubricant and even a Hair Straightener.
45. Your house and surroundings are full of rubbish bags because rubbish is collected just once per week.
46. You ask for a double whisky in a pub and the quantity you’re given is just ridiculous!!
47. You see potatoes everywhere, in all different forms and shapes, i.e. boiled potatoes, jacked potatoes, smashed potatoes, chips, crisps, etc.
48. You realize that burping in the library is something normal.
49. You realize that no matter how weird the clothes you’re wearing are, people just won’t care.
50. You have hoovered your room at least once. (每两天都会吸一次尘~)
51. You shake the hand of someone of the opposite sex you’ve just met.
52. You drink as much tea with milk as you drink beer (at least 5 times a day).
53. You realize that being served alcohol in an academic seminar is completely normal.
54. You learn that 4 cups of tea per day is good for you.
55. You have stopped questioning why there are carpets even in the bathrooms
56. You know there is a fair chance your house is filled with mould.
57. Your floors and roofs are in serious decay after years of leakages and no maintenace.
58. You have a fire exit in your house.
59. You find yourself breaking into an english accent when trying to order a cuppa tea.
60. You have mushrooms in your toilets.
61. You see daffodils growing EVERYwhere, all year round. (真的好神奇哦,一年四季都会有,美的像假花~)
62. You find yourself discussing what make of baked beans is the best…and it doesn’t scare you
63. You see all four seasons in one day. first sun (oh blessed sun!), then rain, then snow, then hail. and sun, and rain, then…aaaah!
64. "hello/hey, how are you?" is replaced by "you alright?" (典型英国口音亚…)
65. You find yourself going out partying wearing only a little top… and it’s raining! And above all it’s normal because everybody is dressed like that!!
66. You realize that burping in the middle of a lecture is something normal.
67. It’s only five and every single shop is closed! (最让我的生气的啦!这么早关门干嘛亚!)
68. You’ve bought something at Argos!! (Argos 刚到的时候也常用~很方便呢)
69. You think it’s normal to sleep on a mattress which was considered old-fashioned crap in Europe 30 years ago.
70. You don’t go out to go out but to get drunk. (Get drunk~!!!!!)
71. You don’t mind the food anymore… (看来英国没有好吃的,已经出名了~)
72. Subway is the healthiest meal you can think of
73. You think that having a dildo is mandatory for every woman, and that ann summers rocks your sexual life! (Ann Summers Rocks~!!!)
74. You find normal that in clubs the ladies are full of screaming semi-naked drunk (British) girls trying to do their make up and hair again and again.
75. You feel like being a nun when you wear trousers or skirt longer than your knees and tops to go out (可惜苏格兰很多人还穿牛仔裤去pub.. 还是英格兰的night out 精彩啊..)
76. You go to the lectures just for sleeping..lying on the table, chair..it doesnt matter!!!
77. You discover that a simple ticket of the train can vary from a price of 8£ to 30£.. for the same train, time and journey
78. You realize that you have never seen an English Restaurant (哈哈哈。。so true~!)
79. You move into a house and realise that you can’t open the windows!!
80. You’re in the top back part of the bus, and a 9 years old chav asks you for a lighter (9 years old 的 chav 还曾经 hitting on me 呢… 最讨厌英国的Chav 啦!)
81. You realize that British people are queuing politely everywhere except at the bar counter
82. You discover there is a "potato" function on the microwave!!!
83. You phone a Hospital emergency service at night and you are speaking to a non-medical person on duty who will ask you a lot of questions and then decide if its an emergency. This person will even ask to speak to the almost unconcious patient and ask you to describe whether the person looks pale, the eyes are yellow, blue, red.Any bleeding…blah blah and then tell you that a doctor will only be available at 9.00 in the morning…(after an hour of questioning) and you are worried that the patient might die in the meantime but you have no other options (嗯,英国的医疗系统的确很麻烦!!! )
84. Your umbrellas have got broken at least twice and you are still hoping not to break the new one even if it’s May! (风太大了~实在不想淋雨就买雨衣吧~伞确实很快就被吹坏了~ =。=)
85. You see your housemate ordering chinese food or pizzas three times a week (哈哈。。 totally)
86. You realize that you can get decent (dark, rye, healthy) bread in every European country except for the UK…and no, Toast is not considered a proper kind of bread…..
87. You are no longer suprised to see fans and radiators on at the same time (either in February or June!)
88. You are certainly annoyed by their stupid sockets
89. You realize that every product you buy "may contain trace of nuts"
90. Your sentences begin with.."to be honest".. (to be honest~ LOOOOOL)
91. You are addressed as "treacle, sugarplumb, darling, sweetheart, love, …." (and all other versions of nicknames in that genre you normally only call your wife/lover) by the staff in supermarkets, pubs and restaurants. (英格兰的老人,很爱说‘love’~~~  you alright, love? =.=  )
92. You are affected by CCTV paranoia. (CCTV is every fxxking where!)
93. You can see, on a saturday night, Dancing on ice, strictly come dancing, pop idol, x factor, big brother, big brother celebrity, I’m a celebrity get me out of here (and so on) simultaneously!
94. You are not surprised to see an old lady, her daughter and her granddaughter dancing together in a club.
95. You talk about the weather all the time. (我也很爱谈论天气了~ it’s been sunny three days in a row~!!!!!!! 太不寻常了~ 哈哈)
96. You hear "WHA" instead of W-H-A-T ! and "THA" instead of T-H-A-T!!! (it annoys me so much!!!! )
97. You have asked to borrow ten "quid" instead of ten pounds from someone (quid=pound)
98. It is 23.45 and the bell rings in the pub. Last orders mate, lets have 2pints each…
99. You have to pull a string to switch on the light or get the water from the shower!!
100. You realize "taking the piss out" of someone is not a medical procedure
101. You realize everybody just gets crazy in a club when Dj plays Mr. Brightside (The Killers), Place your hands (Reef), Don´t Stop me Now (Queen)!!LOL or the Baywatch theme…
102. You have to mind the gap between the train and the platform.
103. Every door is a "fire door" that you have to "keep shut".
104. You start celebrating Christmas Time right after Halloween.(感同身受亚~ 从十月份开始,party 就多起来了~ 狂欢一直延续到新年~ lol)












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嘱咐好Lucy别太惊慌,别去人多的地方后我连忙打开电脑,直接去BBC.co.uk,却发现根本连接不上,只好转去CNN.com。CNN的头条就是: TERROR HITS LONDON(恐怖笼罩伦敦)。几个漆黑的大字张牙舞爪如同一个无底黑洞吞噬了人们的欢笑还有生命,留下无尽的恐慌和悲伤。

主要的地铁爆炸地点和时间,共有四处。(图片来源 BBC)

“Bus ‘ripped apart’ in explosion(巴士在爆炸中被掀开)”
“Kings Cross feels brunt of attacks(King Cross可以感受到爆炸的冲击)”
“Disruptions across London(伦敦交通中断)”]
“Blair: Terrorists will not win(布莱尔:恐怖主义不会成功)”
“London bombings toll rises to 38(伦敦爆炸死亡人数上升至38人)”
“Massive hunt for London bombers(大规模搜索伦敦爆炸制造者)”

我盯着屏幕,每一条新闻都足以慑人心魄。8:51上班高峰,Liverpool st. Station的Central Line地铁首先发生爆炸。5分钟后,8:56 King’s Cross Stration的Piccadilly Line接连发生爆炸。9:17 Edgware Rd. Station的Circle Line发生第三起爆炸;半小时后,9:47 Upper Woburn Place和Tavistock Square之间一辆双层巴士上层被炸飞。

可以发现爆炸发生地点都是人流湍急的交通要道,Liverpool st. Station和King’s Cross Station分别是伦敦通往英格兰东部和北部的中转枢纽(前者是我们去伦敦的必经之路,从学校到伦敦必先到Liverpool st. Station然后乘坐Central Line地铁去往其它他地方),而Edgware Rd. Station也是三条地铁交汇的中转点。爆炸时间被选在了伦敦申办奥运成功后的第一个工作日,上班高峰时期。很显然这一切都表明这是一场蓄谋已久的恐怖袭击,不仅要造成大量的人员伤亡,更是要人们在最高兴的时候硬生生留下恐慌的眼泪。

电话里传来现场的声音,警笛长鸣;电视中警车飞驰,全副武装的警察已经封锁了现场,救护车和消防车也已投入工作,车站口冒出滚滚浓烟,人们衣衫褴褛,相互搀携地从车站中走出来,满是鲜血的脸上写满了恐慌。这一幕我曾经在9.11的纽约看过,在3.11的马德里看过,如今在我熟悉的伦敦再次上演。我不停地给刚刚前往伦敦的朋友打电话,希望得知他们的情况,可是因为网络问题,打向伦敦的电话变得异常难通,这边我心急如焚,那边Lucy不停地打过来,告诉我Liverpool st. Station被封闭了,全城的地铁公交全部中断,现场一片混乱,她回不来了。我劝她不如找个旅馆先住下来,等事态缓和一点后再作打算,可是现在的伦敦Lucy说她害怕觉着危险要赶着回来。

4年前9.11那一幕被我深深记在脑中,虽然被双子塔相继坍塌、伤亡人数不断攀升而震惊,但心里却掩不住一丝快感,拉登给蛮横的美国当头棒喝,课上得相当漂亮。新闻显示今天的7.7伦敦爆炸案背后也是基地组织所为,我却一点都兴奋不起来。身边发生的恐怖主义,关系到朋友和自己的安危,让我从骨子里感到害怕。不去争论这是不是英国支持美国入侵伊拉克得到的报应,其实所有的战争和袭击都是恐怖的,区别只在于英美是“国家恐怖组织”基地是“民间恐怖组织”,然而一切冲突的后果都要由老百姓买单,无辜的平民才是最大的受害者,无论哪一方造成了平民的伤亡都该被强烈谴责。和平只能来源于消除歧视和不公平待遇,加强合作和互信,减小经济发展不平衡,增强彼此文化交流上。联想到一周前在G8国的八个城市以及南非同时举行的Live 8音乐会,汇聚了世界上最多的音乐精英,目的就是为了通过音乐的形式来关注非洲,并希望通过义演的方式为非洲减轻数十亿美元的外债负担。这是音乐人的责任感,虽然他们的力量是微弱的,但音乐却唤起了人们对美好生活、对和平的渴望。几天前在苏格兰首府爱丁堡举行的G8八国集团峰会讨论的主要议题之一就是如何增加对非洲的援助,这是“富人俱乐部”成员们不得不面对的问题,也是他们需要承担的责任。

在这个世界变得越来越不安全的时候,我们是多么渴望和平美好的生活,每个人脸上都是幸福,有欢笑,不再有战争。Michael Jackson在吟唱”…there’s no need to cry…there’s no hurt or sorrow…”

Michael Jackson / Heal The World



之前在Beer Head的经历让我对英国的海滩十分失望,虽然有很壮美的景观,站在苍茫峭壁下面对一望无际的大海,踩着让人容易滑到的鹅卵石,或许这种感觉可以用沧桑来形容,绝无柔美可言。抑或大海本来就有两种,一种是被唤作“故乡”的大海,一种是“让风浪来的更猛烈点吧”的大海。

第一次亲近大海是在’99大二的夏天,厦大后门,我和表哥坐在沙滩上,看黄昏的日光映红了整片大海。后来黑夜从大地上升了起来,遮住了天空的光明,皎洁的月光洒在我们面前的波浪上,又被它轻轻遗落于沙滩。清凉的海风带着咸咸的潮湿,穿过我的头发,带走我的忧伤。毕业后去了南方,看见了南国的海,平缓的沙滩,细腻的沙粒,云的影子轻柔的落在湛蓝的海水上,那是一种期盼。圣诞前冬天的Beer Head,阴霾的天空下,我展开双臂,任由狂放的风吹开胸膛,我好似在空中飞行,盘旋盘旋,解脱。而今天的Clacton只有我们的欢笑,纯净的,让我想到了纯净的海子。

从明天起, 做一个幸福的人
喂马, 劈柴, 周游世界
从明天起, 关心粮食和蔬菜
我有一所房子, 面朝大海, 春暖花开

从明天起, 和每一个亲人通信

陌生人, 我也为你祝福
我也愿面朝大海, 春暖花开

—- 海子

Friends & Me @ Clacton Beach




要不是一个突然的念头也不会有这篇故事。我手里有一个花350元在香港买的TI BAII Plus计算器闲来无用,思索着总不能让它老在那儿做减值处理,放到Amazon上去试试看?对这个我其实没有抱什么期望的,纯粹为了好玩。可是没想到不到一周就有人给我发了订单,还预先往我的账户里打了款。这着实让我又惊又喜,惊的是像我这样没有任何交易记录的新人也能这么顺利的做成买卖,在国内简直是不敢想象的(体现了西方社会极强的诚信观)。国内的做法通常是先低价倾销,等赚够了信用点后才能赚钱。喜的是一个鸡肋让我给解决了,不仅没有亏本反而有所小赚(卖价27镑)。这次成功的经历让我对Amazon狂热起来。我环顾了一下四周,嗯…先把这个该死的打印机给解决了,Tesco买来是29镑,我就卖27镑好了(是不是有点小贪,哈哈)。接下来,这本从二手店淘来50便士的书Essential Mathematics for Economists太简单也不要了,书后标价是15.95镑,我卖12.99镑(要是卖掉就赚翻了=D)。一切搞定后就是痛苦的等待,我天天检查邮箱,看有没有订单的到来。而就在我快要失去对Amazon兴趣的17天后,刚刚我打开信箱,发现有一封来自亚马逊的通知,我的第二件东西被出售了!





Innocence Mission / Befriended

Tomorrow on the runway

Old days, don’t come to find me,
the sun is just about to climb up over there.
‘While my heart is sinking I do not want my voice
to go out into the air’.
Did you leave the darkness without me?
You’re always miles ahead.
And you’re standing in tomorrow on the runway.

Oh be the music in my head,
the air around my bed, oh be my rest.
Replace the small disgraces of
the times and places that I never really left.
Did you leave the darkness without me?
You’re always miles ahead.
And you’re standing in tomorrow on the runway.

Oh I want to fly, fly forward into the light,
be alive, to come alive,
on the leaf-bright Friday drive,
sudden horses at the red light,
turn around, see clearer ways to go now.


[stream provider=video flv=x:/ourtaste.webuda.com/Blogger_F12/2005_03_20_The_Baptism_of_Yuqing/yuqing.flv img=x:/ourtaste.webuda.com/Blogger_F12/2005_03_20_The_Baptism_of_Yuqing/yuqing.jpg embed=false share=false width=450 height=253 dock=true controlbar=over skin=imeo.swf bandwidth=high autostart=false /]






蛋糕我放在桌角,继续看书。今晚可是要看完这一章的,计划怎么能被小小蛋糕扰乱呢。书继续看着,我瞟了一眼被我放在一边的蛋糕。它被装在一个天蓝色的盒子里,顶上的宣传画让我觉着里面的内容有点像Cheese Cake。我继续漫不经心的打量着它,这是什么蛋糕啊,Tira–mi–su,发音好熟悉啊…..天哪,这不就是那帮女孩子们天天嘴里说起,然后还流露出一脸幸福的意大利名点“提拉米苏”吗?我连忙打开盒子,看看究竟他是什么样子。

盒子一开一股咖啡的香气扑鼻而来,我切了一小块,放在嘴里慢慢咀嚼。细绵柔软的cream交糅着滑润浓稠的sponge、再夹杂些许coco粉细干爽的表面质感,让齿间充分感受到了cheese与cream的清爽奶香、蛋与糖的甜润、finger cake的绵细、咖啡的苦甘、朱古力的馥郁、酒香的醇美醉人,多重层次与滋味在此交织融合,各种感官与知觉,居然都能在一块小小的Tiramisu里得到体验。还真不是盖的,看来它能得到女孩子们的青睐,绝非侥幸。

我很快就被这家伙吸引了,甚至上网来查它的究竟。说到Tiramisu的由来,有趣的是,它却全然不是什么历史悠久的传统意大利经典甜点,从问世到风行,至今不过短短的30多年,算是西式甜点世界里面的年轻新贵。虽然要细究其历史渊源最早可以追溯到17世纪的一种叫做Zuppa Ingrese的甜点蛋糕,但真正的Tiramisu则一直要到上世纪60年代才在意大利威尼斯的西北方一带开始出现。当地人采用Mascarpone cheese作为主要材料,再以finger cake取代传统甜点的海面蛋糕,加入咖啡、可可粉等其他元素,甜与苦就像天使与魔鬼、和谐与冲突的极端结合,使得原本温柔甜美的Zuppa Ingrese,刹时间有了更独特更复杂的个性,分外令人迷醉倾倒。

其实Tiramisu的做法步骤说来简单,但其中的讲究,则完全取决于材料以及制作的手工和技巧的高下了。特别是正宗的Tiramisu材料一定要舍得,其主要材料Mascarpone cheese价格不低(大约500克要100元人民币左右),还有作为垫底的finger cake也是关键。有些商家为了减轻成本负担,除了经常以比较便宜的海面蛋糕取代手指饼干之外,在Mascarpone cheese的用量上也常常“偷工减料”,或以cream cheese或增加鲜奶油取代,有时甚至因此而造成凝结力不足,致使其浓度、风味与入口时的质感都比正宗做法的Tiramisu略逊一筹。

另外,在Tiramisu里面添加的酒,一般可以使用Brandy、Rum甚至咖啡酒(coffee flavour liqueur),但真正最地道的,应该是产于意大利西西里岛的Marsala酒,才特别能够使它散发出优雅醇美的芬芳。


女孩子们这么中意Tiramisu,更是上升到爱情滋味的高度,原因不仅仅是它的味道和造型,更是它名字的由来。Tiramisu在意大利语中,“Tira”是“提、拉”的意思,“Mi”是“我”,“Su”是“往上”,合起来就是“拉我起来”,引伸一下便是“记住我”、“带我走”的意思。“我要你记住我!”在村上春树的小说《挪威的森林》中,娴静腼腆的直子总对深爱她的渡边说这句话。虽然直子从来没有爱过渡边,但她仍然要他记住她。尽管后来出现了活泼可爱的绿子,渡边的心中仍然铭记着香消玉殒的直子。 忽然想起近代诗人徐志摩遭遇与林徽因的爱断情伤后,在美丽的佛罗伦萨写下那首忧伤凄迷的《翡冷翠的一夜》,“你真的走了,明天?那我,那我……你也不管迟早有那一天;你愿意记着我,就记着我,要不然趁早忘了这世界上有我,省得想起时空着恼……”假如提拉米苏可以让你爱过的人永远记住你,那该多好啊!



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这段录像是昨天下午拍的,当时正在和Cheung Yu通过msn聊天,我说我们这儿好大的雪呢,那边说上海就光下雨,都好久没看过下雪了。好了,我在“大宝”那儿学来的新技术,这下国内的朋友们也能和我一起分享着美丽的时刻了。

P.S. 影片下载有点慢,等待一下,看到时间槽底部的绿线满了以后就可以播放了,如果看不到图像但时间在流逝,那就重放几次便会好的 :)